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Lemon Shea Vanilla Lotion Candle

Lemon Shea Vanilla Lotion Candle

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Transform your evening ritual into a nourishing self-care experience with our Lemon Shea Vanilla Lotion Candle. Not only does this candle create a warm and cozy ambiance, but it also melts into an all-over body moisturizer full of clean-burning and skin-nourishing ingredients. Light the candle, watch it melt, extinguish the flame, and massage the lotion into your skin for a comforting self-care experience!

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the candle that doubles as an all-over body moisturizer

how to use

Light candle long enough for oil to form pool to edges. Extinguish flame. The oil and vessel will be warm. Let cool 1-2 minutes. Pour directly onto skin or dip in fingers. Massage into skin for ultimate nourishment and hydration.

Because self-care is lit.

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Lemon Shea Vanilla Lotion Candle (wholesale)

scent deep dive

lemon | shea | vanilla

Smells like vacation sunset! This enchanting scent conjures the essence of a serene summer evening, with zesty lemon zest taking the spotlight and harmoniously blending with the creamy richness of coconut milk. Ideal for candles, soaps, home cleaning, and bath & body products, this ISO 9235 Certified fragrance exudes a comforting allure that lingers, thanks to the warm and indulgent base notes of shea butter and vanilla sugar.

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